Postcards From An East Nashville Attic

While searching in my closet for my school credentials to complete my Real Estate license exam I felt cold air from the exposed insulation. I pulled it away and it revealed an entire portion of the attic I thought there was no access to. There were a few piles of items which seemed to be tossed by decade. About 10 ft away was a bin full of odds and ends which included these letters and postcards. All of which seem to be related to East Nashville residents.  Some are as old as 1911 but my house was built in 1936. It’s a mystery!! Help me find their relatives!

I did my best to make out what they say. Maybe you can help me with that too.ANDREW JACKSON BUILDING

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  1. 1940 Census shows Bells living at 1609 Boscobel: Albert (born around 1884) and wife Mary E. (born around 1895) Children Margarita (born abt 1925) and Albert V junior (born about 1929). Looks like Albert V junior died in 1998 in Nashville. 1930 census also shows 1611 Boscobel as address for this family.


    1. Found Albert V Bell’s obituary from 1959. There were three surviving daughters and one surviving son at that time. Daughters living in Nashville in 1959: Mrs. James W. Cole; Mrs. J.J. Morton; Mrs. Thomas E. Davis. These daughters may be living or may have children who are living.


  2. The note from Vernon on the back of the certificate might be from Albert Vernon Jr. At the time of his father’s death in 1959, he was living in Frankfort, Germany (maybe while serving in the Navy?)


  3. Albert Vernon Bell Junior had the following survivors at the time of his death in 1998: Grace Bell (wife); Tommy Bell (son – wife is Candi Bell); Paula Bell Drennan (daughter); Lonnie Dennis (step son); Margaret Davis (sister – this is “Mrs. Thomas E. Davis” ); Francis Morton (sister – this is “Mrs. J.J. Morton”)


  4. This is my husband’s grandmother’s family. She grew up at 1611 Boscobel St. I have plenty of pictures to prove this. Her dad was Albert Vernon Bell. She is 92 years old and lives with us


  5. Hello,my name is deborah. (Morton) wright I am the daughter of Joe Morton and France bell,Albert Vernon bell is my uncle, Mary bell was my grandmother we live at 1612 boscobel st in east Nashville my grandmother Mary bell lived at 1611, those are post card from my sister in law Camille to another and my uncle Vernon writing my grandmother. It’s amazing how thishappen.


  6. This is an amazing find, Jason. Thank you for making it public! You are right around the corner from all of these addresses on Boscobel and Electric – and it’s great that there are cards for the Bells at both addresses. Looking at the original property records for your home (prior to the 1945 sale) I see family names Sensing and Earp, which I don’t recognize. My wife Sandra is a Bell descendant and that’s how we know Molly, whom you must meet. We’ve all gathered as much genealogy as we can dig up on all of these families, as well as the addresses where they lived. We never, ever watch TV news (honest!) but last night we were at a friend’s house and their TV was turned on, with the volume muted. We both looked up at the TV for some unknown reason and saw the Boscobel address at it flashed on the screen, and both wondered if there could be a connection. Amazing coincidence?


    1. Mary bell was my grandmother,I. Would like to know Sandra how are you kin to the bells.on my grandfather’s side or my grandmother’s side, I am Francis bee Morton daughter. Thank you


  7. These are my great grandparents (Mary & Vernon). Margaret is my great aunt. Mine Cole is my father. James and Dorthay (Bell) Cole are my grandparents. I’d love to see these.


  8. Mary bell was my grandmother,I. Would like to know Sandra how are you kin to the bells.on my grandfather’s side or my grandmother’s side, I am Francis bee Morton daughter. Thank you


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