Galaz Events & Trading Co. (Belgium)

I founded Galaz Events & Trading Co. in 2011 with a complete stranger. No, really.

We had more people from Europe than Nashville at our very first festival. I posted on Facebook asking who in Europe had property we could host an event at since apparently they loved our music so much.  The owner of Cowboy Up American Steakhouse answered. His name is Nicky VanMoerbeke and he had been booking some of the same bands at his saloon in Belgium just outside Brugge.

I had never been to Europe. We planned our very first Muddy Roots Europe Festival that following year online. Galaz Events & Trading Co. as formed to do so legally.  The very first time my feet touched European soil and the very first time I heard Nicky’s voice was when he picked me up from the airport in Brussels the week before the event. We are crazy people.


Now he, his wife and family, and all my MRE friends are like family. They run things over there all year long while just touching base with me on big decisions.

Not only do we host our festival there but we are brewing our own Belgian beer!

Brouwerij Stockhove is a scrappy lil brewery in Waardamme, BE. known for surprising the Belgian beer festivals by taking home #1 award medals for their beer. They are one of the best in the world. They brew the Muddy Roots “Triple Jack” beer exclusively for the Cowboy Up Saloon & Steakhouse. We have plans to bring this delciousness to the U.S. by 2019. You will thank me my friends.


Label art by the great “Muddy Rockwell,” Christoph Heuer.

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