About Me.

I’ll give you an incredibly abbreviated “About Me” current and past highlight reel.  Most people that know me only know a chapter or two about my life. There are more than I can fit on to this site. In fact, I like to say my life resembles the Winchester House. You may never see all the rooms and will definitely not understand why they are there or where they lead to.


In 1979 I came kicking and screaming in to this world. Son to Melissa Ferrick and James Galaz. Pops and mom didn’t jive that well but I did get a little brother and sister out of it. My stepfather came in to the picture around the 1988. He gets credit for raising me full time.  There have been a lot of valuable lessons from not only them, but other leading figures in my life like the parents of close friends that took me in as well as other family members like my grandparents, aunts and uncles.

ferricks around record player.jpg(Great grandmother, Grandmother, Aunts and Uncles)

(Grandpa Frank Galaz & Grandma Pat Galaz)

I am a proud American of Irish/English & Spanish/Mexican descent.  That means I got to enjoy many cultures growing up. It’s no wonder I love to muddy up the hard lines of cultures in the music aspects of my life.

american gradnma pride
(Proud Americans of Mexican descent. My Spanish-Mexican blood was on this soil hundreds of years before my Irish blood. Both sides believe in U.S. patriotism)

High school years were pure mayhem and I don’t mean that in a cheeky way. I was pissed off and looking to make a mark on the world. I’m incredibly lucky to have made it out of my teens alive. I got in to some rebellious forms of art and music. It is there that I got a real dose of underground scenes and counter culture.  I dabbled in everything I could find except hard drugs.  I’d go to death metal shows with one friend, practice break dancing with another, go on 10 mile all night treks painting and then spend a full day hiking the mountains for sport.  I’d organize crews to dive in to the electronica worlds, hardcore, hip hop, had a skate team, you name it.  This is what happens when a boy scout goes bad.

I worked as an electrician in my early adulthood with my family.  But I also painted murals for a living for a bit and learned screenprinting.  Then jumped in to my first marriage which lasted me 7 years and brought me to Tennessee.

I somehow suckered my current wife in to marrying me in 2012. This is the point where things start coming together for me.  Thank you Katie Galaz.  Anyone that digs my projects should really thank her. She keeps me coloring in the lines.

(Anything nice I have is from or inspired by this gal right here.)

Merchandising and screenprinting is what I’ve done the longest career wise. Although I am most known for my music endeavors. I host music festivals and special events across the U.S. and in Europe.  I also own 2 record labels, a record shop, a few wine train events and am pushing my screenprint sales company full ahead.   Oh, and I  still paint but now I get permission.

What’s next? Real estate. I am currently shopping local firms to join so that I may focus my energy into sharing my love for Tennessee with new homebuyers.


Please browse this blog and click the links of projects you are curious about.